Deanaa Herrera

Nurse Liaison Manager

Deanaa Herrera  Nurse Liaison Manager

Deanna Herrera is a nurse with 20+ years of experience working in a variety of different areas within the healthcare sector. She specializes in geriatrics care, including dementia, and urinary incontinence where she worked as a TENA rep for 3.5 years, but has also worked with many different patients over the years. Deanna started out as a nurse in the hospital, but over the span of her career she worked as Director of Care, taught healthcare to college students, and worked for Rexall Pharmacy as a Liaison, Customer Care manager.

Deanna completed her nursing certification through Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia and carries a current license In Good Standing in BC. She has continued her education and has also obtained a number of certifications related to her nursing career and beyond.