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About Life360 Innovations Inc.

We are a medical devices company in Vancouver, BC, specializing in manufacturing and distributing urinary incontinence (UI) products.

Our flagship product is the Contino®, a self-managed, non-surgical urethral insert that can block the flow of urine in men who experience stress urinary incontinence. 

Our President and CEO, Robert Orr, co-founded the company in 2010 with his father, Russ, to support Ken Kunz who pioneered the Contino®. 

Ken was in his mid-70s when he had to have radical prostatectomy surgery in 2007. The operation successfully addressed his prostate cancer but left him with UI. 

A retired aircraft engineer, Ken’s frustration inspired him to develop a personal UI device that he used for years, with great success. That ultimately led to the formation of Life360 Innovations and the creation of Contino®. 

We are focused on developing Contino®, in the western Canadian province of BC while driving expansion across Canada. Our goal is to forge partnerships with approximately seventy-five clinics to serve the needs of men with urinary incontinence. 

During our initial launch in BC, we learned to adjust our customer onboarding process to more closely align with the typical journey of male urinary incontinence patients.

Consequently, one of the changes we have made is activating a ‘concierge’ service with our clients to help them better understand their condition and to work seamlessly with their health care professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

The Life360 Innovations Inc. Difference

Our solution is suited to those who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, which is defined as “the accidental leakage of urine during everyday movement or activity, such as walking, coughing, lifting, exercising or changing position.”

As a result, men with prostate-related treatments or surgeries, including radical prostatectomy, prostate radiation, or TURPs surgery, can benefit from using our product.

Contino® is a personalized, self-managed bladder leakage solution for men who are tired of pads/diapers, penile clamps, and collection devices. 

It’s custom-fitted and empowers active individuals who want to get back to working, socializing, and enjoying an active retirement. We help them regain self-worth, so they can live life to the fullest and be happy.

The advantage of our product is that it’s clinically proven (abstract published in CUAJ), and licensed by Health Canada demonstrating that it’s safe and effective. In addition, an experienced medical professional works with the patient to learn how to properly use Contino® to control their condition. 

With Contino®, urine remains in the body until it gets expelled normally, and the patient can avoid the embarrassment and discomfort of dealing with wet diapers. 

The conveniently portable, pocket-sized package is priced similarly to adult pads. The affordable subscription model, which has coverage with many Canadian insurers, has added to our success.

One of our most noteworthy achievements has been getting the Health Canada Class II device license, permitting the commencement of commercial activity. 

It was eight years in the making which consisted of extensive prototype and engineering development followed by a rigorous clinical trial. 

We are also very proud of the working relationships we have established with our partner clinics to create a system that can support our patients with a high degree of competence and compassion. 

It has led to being featured in many external publications. The following are a few links showcasing the recognition we have received:

Life360 Innovations named by Medtech Outlook Magazine as one of the Top 20 Medtech Providers 2020

Life360 Innovations named by Business Worldwide Magazine as one of the 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2020

Life360 Innovations named ‘Ready to Rocket’ in Life Sciences Category by Rocket Builders

Our dream for the future is to continue pursuing our vision to improve the quality of life of men with bladder leakage by offering a discreet solution that provides protection, independence, and dignity through empathy and innovation. 

We also have ambitions to scale up beyond Canada and have already made regulatory filings in the UK/EU and US markets. Our marketing team is examining partnership opportunities for EMEA, Asia Pac, and Latin America. 

While we are passionate about supporting men’s health and UI management, we also care about protecting the environment, and our current office location, associated with Simon Fraser University, follows green office practices. 

Our solution, Contino®, drastically reduces impacts to landfills vs. adult pads by a factor of 1/2500. 

We also believe in giving back to society and, as part of that belief, are long-term supporters of the Canadian Continence Foundation. 

To learn more about all that we do at Life360 Innovations Inc.please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here