Are there complications with using Contino®?

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Precautions, exclusions, and warnings are detailed in the Contino® Instructions for Use.

Contino® is not intended to be used with a full or near bladder, as it may release on its ownresulting in involuntary urine leakage. Contino® is not intended to be used during sexualintercourse.

Contino® is designed to withstand the forces applied to it during its intended use. Under normalconditions there is no reason to expect Contino® will break. The Contino® urethral insert willstretch over time and should be replaced the earlier of 30 daily uses or when it does not fitsnugly with the Contino® Inserter.

In the unlikely event that the urethral insert breaks and remains in your urethra – for whateverreason or circumstance – try to palpate the device out. If unsuccessful, please go to the nearestmedical clinic or Emergency Department to discuss your symptoms and obtain treatment. Besure to tell the attending doctor that you are using Contino® and bring a copy of the Contino®Instructions for Use.

Please report this situation to the your Contino® Authorised Clinic as soon as reasonablypossible.

You may experience some discomfort when you insert the Contino® the first few times. Yourbody may take a week or so to get used to the new device and procedures. However, youshould not feel significant discomfort and/or pain when you use a properly sized Contino® afteryour body has adapted to the device.

If you experience significant discomfort while using the Contino® during the trainingperiod, please consider using a smaller sized Contino®. If discomfort persists, contact thetraining center and/or Professional who will advise you on next steps.

These signs or symptoms may indicate you are experiencing bleeding, injury to the urethra, orsome form of an infection:

  • coloured discharge or bleeding;
  • urethral pain;
  • burning or severe irritation.
  • pain on the sides of your lower back;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • fever; and
  • feeling confused.

Please go to the nearest medical clinic or Emergency Department to discuss your symptomsand obtain treatment. Be sure to tell the attending physician that you are using the Contino®and bring a copy of these instructions for use. Please report this situation to the training centerand/or Professional as soon as reasonably possible.