Life360 Innovations Inc. Now Conducting a Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up Study in the Greater Toronto Area

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Life 360 Innovations Inc. (Life360 Innovations) is conducting a post-market clinical follow-up study for their men’s urinary incontinence product, Contino®, for eligible participants in the GTA.

Contino® has been licensed by Health Canada after the completion of a five-year, multi-site Canadian clinical trial.

Contino® has been developed as an aid to assist men in dealing with urinary incontinence. The device is personally fitted to each individual by a healthcare professional and is then self-administered.

To participate in this study, eligible males must be over the age of 18 and have evidence of moderate to severe urinary incontinence. The trial lasts for one year and requires 6 visits to see the study doctor for study-related testing. Throughout the study, you will receive the Contino® device at no cost and you may be reimbursed for travel and parking expenses.

Visit the Life360 Innovations website for more details and to complete the questionnaire for the clinical study.

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